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Up for the Challenge?

Building the next generation of Australian cyber security professionals

Save the date It’s GAME ON for the 9-10 October 2018

How to prepare CySCA 2017 In-a-box, is now available along with write-ups so check them out

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CySCA2018 Scoreboard

Follow the action during the game with our latest scoreboard!


CySCA2018 Scoreboard

Announcements : What's New?

CySCA announces new date - 9-10 October 2018.

Now is the time to start putting together your teams.

CySCA is your opportunity to compete against your peers across the country for some amazing prizes AND potentially get your name in front of some of Australia’s biggest and most respected Cyber Security employers.

University and TAFE Team Coordinators, it’s time to get those student details in, you should have receive an email to complete the online Student Registration form for each team. Stay up to date by following #CySCA2018.

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The Challenge : What is CySCA?

CySCA is a ‘hacking’ competition run by an alliance of Australian Government, business and academic professionals who are committed to finding the next generation of Australian cyber security talent – including you!

Starting in 2012, CySCA will show you what it’s like to work in cyber security and will get your name in front of some of Australia’s most dynamic employers.

CySCA is Australia’s only national cyber security competition. It runs over 24-hours and will test both your technical skills and communication know-how. It’s not easy, but it’s heaps of fun, and the opportunities you get from participating are fantastic.

Think you’re up for the Challenge?

This Years Challenge : What is it all about?

Prize Pool

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Briefing Pack & Theme

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Founded in 2018, BreakOutBox (BOB) was established to deliver a new concept to the launch startup incubator model.

BreakOutBox was formed by Sarah Burns, from the highly successful WeCoSpace and SpaceInSpace colocation services.

Rules & eligibility : What's required?

CySCA is open to full-time Australian university undergraduates and undergraduate-equivalent TAFE students based in Australia. Each team may contain up to four students, studying full-time at an Australian institution.

The Australian Government and CySCA partners are committed to encouraging First Year Students to experience real-world cyber security challenges, and encourage Institutions to register First Year Student teams, in addition to more experienced student teams. There’s even a prize for the 1st First Year Team to compete in CySCA 2018.

We are also committed to ensuring gender diversity in the cyber security workforce of the future. As such, we are again offering female competitors the opportunity to participate in our Women in Cyber Mentoring Events #womenincyber.

Team Coordinators are encouraged to identify women who may not necessarily take the opportunity to compete in CySCA and create the opportunity for them. A strong cyber security workforce must have an equitable representation of the community that it supports. 2017 saw only 12% female representation – lets aim for 50/50 in 2018!

Exceptions to the full-time requirements:

  • A student is studying part-time due to disability and can provide the appropriate documentation from their institution; or
  • A student is studying part-time as they are in their final semester and do not have sufficient remaining units to constitute full-time study.

Team Coordinators are responsible for submitting their Universities/TAFEs Expression of Interest, and Team and Student information:

  • Individual applications will not be considered.
  • Registration does not guarantee entry into the event.

You will not be able to participate in the Cyber Security Challenge:

  • If you are not a registered student in CySCA 2018. No substitutes are permitted.
  • If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions outlined for "Institutions", "Team Coordinators" and "Students" upon registration, and again prior to accessing the game environment.
  • If incomplete or Incorrect personal information required for registration is given.
  • If you do not consent to CySCA organisers using or disclosing your information for any of the purposes identified in the Privacy Statement.
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