CySCA 2017 Results

Winners of the 2017 Australian Cyber Challenge

  1. Generic placeholder imageUniversity of New South Wales (UNSW1) - 4002 Points (IOT Inter-jar)
  2. Generic placeholder imageMonash University (MONU1) - 2938 Points (IOT Hamster-Fit Tracker)
  3. Generic placeholder imageEdith Cowan University (ECU1) - 2772 Points (IOT Hamster-Fit Tracker)
  4. Australian National University (CyWhales) - 2726 Points (IOT Hamster-Fit Tracker)
  5. Monash University (MONU3) - 1986 Points (IOT Intelligent Oven)
  6. University of New South Wales (UNSW2) - 1935 Points (IOT Intelligent Oven)
  7. University of New South Wales (UNSW3) - 1773 Points (IOT Intelligent Oven)
  8. RMIT University (ElonGators: Hak2Mrz) - 1605 Points (IOT Intelligent Oven)
  9. Monash University (MONU2) - 1596 Points (IOT Intelligent Oven)
  10. Macquarie University (MQU3) - 1549 Points (IOT Intelligent Oven)

Highest Scoring Team of First Year Students

  • Griffith University(GRIU1)

Random Challenge - First to Complete the Boss of the SOC - Website Defacement– Informant

  1. Queensland University of Technology (QUT1)

Most Innovative Response - IoT ESP8266 Explain this! – Take a Peak

  1. Murdoch University (MUR1)

Corporate Penetration Testing Challenge

  1. Australian National University(ANU1)

Random Prize Draw - Solo Solvers – Detect and Defend

  1. University of Sydney(UOS2)

First to Capture Most Difficult Exploitation Challenge - MOVpwn

  1. University of Sydney (UOS1)


In 2017, our sponsors exceeded all expectations. These prizes are The. Business. We had some awesome opportunities and gear on offer, across a range of categories.

Check out the full list of prizes , courtesy of CySCA sponsors

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Promo Material

Information Pack

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You can download the slides here:

CySCA 2017 Information Pack Slides


You can view the scoreboard over at

Scoreboard 2017

Students Write-ups

A number of write-ups submitted by the students on the day, this is a document of their solutions for the challenge.

Student Writeups

Solutions & Write-ups

Challenge Control have put together a write-up document of their solutions for the challenge.

CySCA 2017 In-A-Box

CySCA2017-in-a-Box is a Virtual Machine that contains most of the challenges faced by players during the 2017 Cyber Security Challenge. It allows players to complete challenges in their own time, to learn and develop their cyber security skills. The VM includes a static version of the scoring panel with all challenges, required files and flags.


FileType: 7z
CySCA 2017 In-a-Box
SHA1: 9C7D8F8D81340DE6B34FA696884981B72C833D7E
Download size is 2.0GB
Version: 1.2


IOT In-A-Box

FileType: 7z
CySCA 2017 IOT In-a-Box
SHA1: 2780dae2ca18ed89a245af1f5a1cb0e5874538ae
Download size is 268MB
Version: 1.0

IOT Information